Dibons Safe Underduct Lining ,Roof Lining ASTM G21, G22

Reflectivity97%Emissivity3%Hot SurfaceZero WarpageFlame Spread15Smoked Developed10R-Value4.2PermeanceZero GrowthUV Reflection75%ModelASTM G21, G22
Safe and Energy Efficient

Made from 100% Polyester Thermally bonded Hi loft Nonwoven fiber laminated to 99% Pure Reinforced Aluminum foil.

An easy to clean surface that maintains duct temperature between cycles; adding occupant comfort and minimizing run time. Enhances thermal performance and minimizes friction loss. Improves the performance of in-duct UV sanitizers.

Superior Acoustical Performance
Greatly reduces operating noise transfer. Noise Reduction Coefficient Rating 0.75